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Curry Specials


Our Lamb and Chicken Kormas are mild and creamy these are made with Ground Almonds, Cocount & our seceret reciepie and fresh cream.

 What is Chicken Korma? or What is a Korma? Korma or kurma is a recipe that is made with thick white gravy or white sauce. This white thick gravy can contain either vegetables or meat. The thick gravy is made from yogurt and other herbs and spices. Sometimes it is topped with some fresh cream. The sauce or gravy in the korma recipe is very rich, primarily because it contains not just yogurt and cream but also cashew nuts and almonds, and sometimes even coconut, to thicken the gravy. Needless to say that the flavors of korma are very scrumptious. The most common recipes of korma in India are navratan korma (vegetarian), chicken korma and Lamb korma.

Apart from Korma's our kitchen brings karahis, Rogans, Sagwals, Dansak, favourite Jalfrezi's and many more.

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All our Curry specials can be made Chicken, Lamb, Beef or King Prawn